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Friday Wine Tasting in the Shop, 5pm-8pm

Thanksgiving Picks!

Les Vignerons D’ Estézargues “Les Grandes Vignes” Cotes du Rhone Blanc, 2014

70% Grenache Blanc, 10% Clairette, 10% Bourboulenc, 10% Viognier

Les Vignerons D’ Estézargues is a unique co-operative cellar in the small town of Estézargues. Starting in 1995, the ten different growers in this co-op began to vinify their wine separately and make single cuvées from their best plots. Soon they began to practice natural winemaking, becoming one of the first (and perhaps only) co-ops in the world to do so. Les Vignerons D’ Estézargues uses no external yeast, no filtering, no fining and no enzymes in the winemaking process.

Les Grandes Vines is from vines that vary in age from 20 to 80 years, grown on red clay and stone. This wine is rich and fruity up front, with apples, pears, apricots, flowers and hay. Just when you think it might get a little too ripe and rich, an arc of acidity and minerality comes in to balance this shimmering glass of gold. This is the perfect foil to all the rich and sweet that happens on the Thanksgiving table.

Chateau d'ÉpireChateau d’Epiré Savennieres 2014

We put this wine in last week’s newsletter, so we’re recycling the note here. We blew through the first stack, so this is one to grab quick if you want it.

This wine is a RIDICULOUS value and you should just buy it. It’ll work with Thanksgiving, it’ll work with your Feast of the Seven Fishes, it’ll work with Chinese; it’s Chenin!

Grand Cru Epiré Savennieres is one of the oldest and most famous properties in the AOC. The domaine works primarily three parcels: La Croix Picot, Le Parc, and Le Hu-Boyau, the last situated just above another famous vineyard, La Coulée de Serrant, which we also have in the shop, but at many, many times the price (granted, it’s a different beast than this one, but still). If you were in France, you would be drinking filtered Chateau d’Epiré, but importer Kermit Lynch insists that all the d’Épire cuvées that he imports be unfiltered. We don’t mind a little sediment around here!

Qupé “A Modern Red” 2013

qupe modern redQupé calls itself a “modern stone age winery”. Started in 1981 by original Rhone Ranger Bob Lindquist, Qupé is so named to honor the Chumash, the indigenous people of the Golden State’s Central Coast and Channel Islands. The word means poppy, a plant traditionally used for food and medicine. Bob and his wife Louisa Sawyer Lindquist are skilled in biodynamics, and their Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard is certified Demeter Biodynamic and Stellar Organic.

A Modern Red is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, sourced from vineyards in Paso Robles, Edna Valley, Santa Maria Valley and Santa Ynez. This is an entry level wine in the Qupé portfolio, geared toward delivering American-grown Rhone-style wines at an everyday price. This wine is full of dark fruit and spices, it’s soft and smooth, with pleasant tannins on a long finish. It’ll stand up to all kinds of food, from roasted poultry, to grilled meats and veggies, to spicy tomato-based dishes.

LIOCO IndicaLIOCO “Indica” 2013 Mendocino Red

From the producers website: LIOCO is the result of a years-long conversation between Matt Licklider (a seasoned wine import specialist) and Kevin O’Connor (former wine director at Michelin Two-Star Spago-Beverly Hills) about whether California could produce a true “wine of origin.”

Campus notes: Indica is a field blend of Carignan, Petite Sirah, and Grenache harvested on one day, co-fermented in an open top vat, and put into neutral oak. It’s fresh, spicy, floral, inviting, full of dark fruit and earth, and relatively low in alcohol, leaving you free to drink more! Indica is also the name of a high quality strain of Marijuana, for whatever that’s worth!

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Friday Wine Tasting in the Shop with Jenny & François

Nov. 13th, 5pm – 8pm

Jenny & François Tasting in the Shop

Jenny & François with Tim Mortimer – All of these will be SO GOOD
on your holiday table! 

Ca dei Zago Prosecco Col Fondo 2014, Veneto


We continue to flip over this gentle little fizzy. It’s light, refreshing and good anytime of day, and with any meal – or with no meal at all. It’s a blend of Glera from very old clones, Verdiso, Perera, and Bianchetta from massale selection. Col Fondo means ‘on the sediment’ so you can store it upright and enjoy the sediment separately (as they do in Valdobbiadene) or swirl it as you drink so that it’s incorporated throughout. Either way is the right way. The 2014 is so fresh and delicious, we just want to drink it all the time. It’s like a mouth full of crisp apples and pears; it’s super clean, softly sparkling, and all around satisfying. This is just what you need to welcome your holiday guests: it’s fun, interesting, and at just 10% abv, it’s perfect for easing into the party–or for brunch the next day. Practicing biodynamic since 2010. Want to know more? Check out this video of Christian Zago!

Chemins de Bassac Isa White 2014, Languedoc-Roussillon

Isabelle and Rémy Ducellier own and operate this small, organically certified estate located in Vin de Pays Côtes de Thongue, which is a collection of 14 villages in Languedoc. Like Isabelle and Rémy, the wines of Chemins de Bassac are friendly and easy-going, generous and inviting. Together they make and market their wines, with Rémy even designing the labels.

Isa White is a blend of Roussanne and Viognier that is gorgeously aromatic, lushly textured, and popping with flowers, ripe peaches and apricots. It’s beautifully balanced with stony minerality and a touch of orange pith on the long finish.

Domaine Jérôme Jouret La Coulée Douce 2014, Rhone Valley

Domaine Jérôme Jouret is a 12 hectare, relatively new, family winery in the southern Ardèche, a region on the right bank of the Rhône river, between the northern and southern Rhône valley. Burgundian Louis Latour was a pioneer here, most notably with his Grande Ardéche Chardonnay. We’re most familiar with the cult wines of Hervé Souhaut, which we try to have on our shelves whenever we can. Jérome Jouret works much like Souhaut; that is, minimally, by hand, with extremely low yields and little to no sulfur. The ancient, organic vines here are planted on steep and stony slopes. The high elevation and cool climate means that the grapes have a longer hang time, which leads to heady aromatics and purity of fruit. This unsulfured Syrah comes on with clean, vibrant fruit that gives way to smoky, minerally notes, then takes another turn to flowers and fresh tobacco. The texture is refined, as is the experience of drinking this wine.

Domaine du Mortier Graviers 2013, Loire Valley

Domaine du Mortier is a 9 hectare, certified biodynamic property located in Saint Nicolas de Bourgeuil. Brothers Fabien and Cyril Boisard were quite young when they started Domaine du Mortier nearly ten years ago. And while they don’t hail from a long line of winemakers, they do employ the most traditional method of propagating vines: Selection Massale, a labor intensive and time consuming practice of selecting the best vines in a vineyard and propagating through cuttings. With this level of discipline and commitment, it’s no surprise that they always produce top notch wines, from glou-glou to lay-it-down. All wines here are bottled unfiltered and unfined.

Mortier Gravier is 100% Cabernet Franc grown on gravel. Grapes are hand-harvested, fermented with wild yeast in barrel, then aged for 8 months in oak. This is a raspberry and cassis scented wine, with the mineral (gravelly) notes intertwined with juicy fruit, subtle spices and a satisfying roundness on the palate.  

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All You Can Eat Oysters & BBQ Tonight! Campus & OysterFest Pop-Up at Broadway Bistro; New Wines From Dirty & Rowdy and Hobo Wine Company.

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Happy, gorgeous Thursday!Last call for tickets to the Party Fundraiser for the Ocean State Oyster Festival! This event is tonight in Pawtuxet Village, and features an open bar, all you can eat (while they last!) oysters and BBQ, music, beautiful views, a laid back vibe, cool people and lots of fun. All this for just $50! Tickets are on sale through 2pm via the link; any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door.
If you just can’t get enough oysters and oyster education, join us and Ocean State Oyster Festival on Monday, August 3rd, at Broadway Bistro for a casual Pop Up of small plates, natural wines, raw oysters, and more laid back vibes and cool people!
$40 + tax and gratuity. Call the Bistro to reserve your spot: 401.331.2450
Broadway Bistro Oyster Pop Up 7x3

Get Your Raw Wine Tickets Now & Save Money! Tasting Croatian & Slovenian Wines Tonight; Event at Stock Tomorrow with Mother’s Day Wine Picks!

In case you’ve somehow missed the memo: Sunday is Mother’s Day! We won’t presume to know what the Moms in your life like to drink (lord knows there’s no mold!) so stop by and we’ll help you pick out the perfect something, whether that’s a fruity rosé, a double IPA, or a craft spirit for the summery cocktail.
If you know you want to go for a light, brunch-style wine, then stop by Stock Culinary Goods tomorrow between 1pm & 3pm. We’ll be pouring a small line-up of rosé & sparklers that will quench your thirst while you find that perfect cooking related gift. Then head over to Campus & we’ll give you 15% off the featured wines. Perfect present: done!

Snow Way! Rosé!

Good day, frigid friends!
We have some new arrivals that we can either regard as a cruel joke or as a sign that we are not, in fact, careening toward a post-apocalyptic world, à la Snowpiercer:
the first two of the 2014 vintage French rosés are here! Forget crocuses & ground hogs–to us, it’s this pink nectar of the gods that is the only true sign of the approaching spring. And with this bone-chilling, soul-numbing, subarctic winter, we could really use a dose of sunshine in a glass. Transport us, dammit!
If you can bear to leave wherever you may be huddling for warmth, we will be opening up these two rosés at our tasting tonight: Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris and Le Caprice de Clementines. If the balmy, beachy memories these wines conjure are just too painful, feel free to use profanity while sipping; we totally understand. We’ll probably join you.

Chateau Les Valentines
“Le Caprice de Clementine” Côtes de Provence Rosé 2014
This is a go-to rosé, vintage after vintage. It’s an even blend of Grenache and Cinsault from organic certified vineyards on this Mediterranean, family-owned estate. It’s light and vibrant, with refreshing acidity and notes of strawberries, stones, flowers and grapefruit zest. We can’t wait to guzzle it again!

Domaine Fontsainte Gris de Gris 2014, Corbieres, France
This is another no-brainer rosé. Year after year, this wine over-delivers.
Yves Laboucarié established Fontsainte in its current incarnation in 1971 – though his family’s links to winemaking in Boutenac date to the 17th century. He inherited vines, bought parcels and became a Corbières pioneer of quality – being among the first to practice carbonic maceration, harvest by hand, and age wines (using 600-litre casks). Fontsainte’s vineyards, just 95m in altitude, benefit from a pristine environment (far from industrial or urban developments) plus alternating Mediterranean and oceanic influences.

The Gris de Gris is a blend of 70% Grenache Gris and Grenache Noir, 10% Mourvèdre, 10% Carignan, 10% Cinsault. It’s typically an array of fresh fruit: cherries, raspberries & strawberries, with tropical fruit on the nose and richness on the palate.

We’ll open up some reds too. TBD.

New Jenny & François, Introducing Greenhook Ginsmiths, Tasting Spirits

snow bank st georgeThis week we’re all about that booze, ’bout that booze, ’bout that…ah never mind. BUT! We really do have some cool new spirits we’re showcasing in the shop today and Saturday. First up is Gabe Rodriguez from Origin Beverage, tonight, 5-7PM. He’ll have South Boston Irish Whiskey from Grand Ten Distillery and St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy. Personally, we can’t believe there’s a fancy-schmancy distillery on Dot Ave. in Southie. Some of us at Campus hail from those parts, and South Boston Irish Whiskey is most definitely NOT what you’d get in your glass at Triple O’s! My how times change… Be sure to stop by tonight for a smooth sip of gentrifica…er…progress! as well as the St. George Apple Brandy, which really is an “apple orchard in your glass”.

Barr-Hill-TrioSaturday, 4-7PM. No beer tasting this weekend, instead it’s “Honey for your Honey” (Because it’s Valentine’s Day!) with Jessyloo Rodrigues of Caledonia Spirits. Jessyloo will take you through this latest storm–unless winters’ wrath gets the best of us–with Barr Hill Gin and Vodka, made with & distilled from honey. And if you’re still looking for your honey, or you’re all fed up with honey, well…this is STILL damn good gin and vodka, so toast yourself and show St. Valentine the hand.


Lastly in Booze News! We’re happy to have some seriously delicious straight outta Brooklyn gin on our shelves: Greenhook Ginsmiths, the vacuum distilled spirits taking NY by storm. Vacuum distillation removes air pressure from the still, which allows for lower temperatures during distillation, which in turn protects the delicate, nuanced flavors of the gin. These are lovely, vibrant, and exceedingly aromatic. Allow the Beach Plum Gin Liqueur to take you away to warmer, sunnier times. You can almost feel the sand between your toes!

Processed with MoldivAnd finally, we may be nearly neck deep in snow, but it MUST be almost spring since new arrivals are starting to roll in. We got a little stash from Jenny & François this week and we’ll be opening some up for our Friday wine tasting. Choosing wines for the shop is an evolving & ongoing process for us; we don’t pick wines by profit-margin analysis, or just to fill holes on the shelf, or for their flashy labels (but check out these labels!). We’re looking for longterm relationships with quality producers and importers. Don’t get us wrong, flings are great fun! But a little loyalty goes a long way. And when we get to support small family producers and importers in the process, it’s a win-win! So you’ll be seeing more from Jenny and the like; some will be new producers, others will be new vintages of familiar names, but they will all be GOOD! At least we think so.

Speaking of loyalty, we cannot thank everyone enough for continuing to make the arctic adventure to our shop. Through snow, sleet, snow banks, treacherous sidewalks & narrow, slippery streets, you guys keep making it through our door. We are eternally grateful! In return, we’ll try to always keep you in good booze.

Next Thursday, February 19th, 5-7PM we’ve got Jen Ferreira, brand ambassador for Lucas Bols, bringing us some Dutch Courage, in the form of Bols Genever and Barrel Aged Genever.

New Beer!

This week we have the latest Stone Collaboration 22, Japanese Green Tea IPA brewed with Baird Brewing and Ishii Brewing. We also have their newest rotational release, a gluten-removed IPA called Delicious IPA (So modest!). Continuing with the hop theme, Angry Orchard added a new style to their line-up, a hopped apple cider called Hop’n Mad Apple. We also have a small amount of Midnight Brett from Allagash. And we got more Foolproof Shuckolate, so come and get it!

Cheers, see you soon, and enjoy Snowmageddon 4.0!

Herald the Wine Times! Tasting in the shop tonight, 5-8PM

jax_cola instagramWe’re in a snow stupor here on Brook Street. Motivation? What’s that? Someone pass the remote! There’s a whole lotta snow out there, but damn, we love the city in a blizzard. Even the winter whiners have a hard time not getting into the spirit. Monday’s party atmosphere in anticipation of Snowmageddon2015 was the most fun we’ve had in a long time; thank you to everyone who came in to stock up–we truly had a blast! And though we didn’t post about it, we were in fact open on Tuesday; Vin and Mulligan braved the elements like proper arctic explorers, shoveled off our roof, and held down the fort for most of the day. That’s when one of our customers snapped this picture outside the shop, which perfectly captures the joie de vivre of this little neighborhood. When’s the next storm? We can’t wait!


Super Bowl Recipe: Mulligan’s Yueng-Wings!mulligan yuengwings

Some of you already know Chef Mulligan from the events we’ve done with the Cable Car–or maybe you know him as the guy who quietly makes amazing food around town. Or perhaps as that record shop dude (as he says of himself: “I have all the jobs”). No matter how you know him, right now Mulligan’s doing his thing at Campus, and he’s made up this recipe for your Super Bowl party:

Kick your party through the uprights with some beer-braised chicken wings!*

Step 1- apprehend some good quality chicken wings, and a top quality 4 pack of Yuengling tall boys.

Step 2- salt the wings, add small-diced onions, and other aromatics of your choice- sear the wings in oil, over high heat in an oven proof pan.

Step 3- add beer around the edge of the pan, just up to the level of the wings- and why not some tamari, perhaps blackstrap molasses for extra sweetness

Step 4- drink the rest of the beer!! Braise the wings at 350 in the oven till soft! Drain any braising liquid and caramelize. Quickly place under low broiler to finish.


Chef’s note- try some Fox Point spicy pickles on the side, RI made & available at Campus Fine Wines..

(Fox Point Pickling company was just in Projo on Wednesday; check out the article and recipes here).

*Our favorite part of this recipe is that Brad had to “football it up” since Mulligan knows more about Lomo than end zones. It’s all good!

Friday Wine Tasting in the Shop, 5-8PM

Herald the Wine Times! 

2013 Domaine de la Pépiere Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine sur Lie

Marc Ollivier is one of the best producers of Muscadet that we’ve ever encountered. His Muscadet has lees contact until the time of bottling; extended contact gives it the crispness that makes Muscadet so refreshing & is the traditional way to make Muscadet, but has become the exception.

Ollivier hand harvests, uses natural yeasts & bottles with a very light filtration. The vineyards are 40+ years old & all from original stock; there isn’t a single clonal selection in the vineyards.

This wine is salty, tangy and lip-smackingly delicious! Try it as an aperitif, with salads & the obvious oysters, or as a foil for richly sauced foods. It’ll cut through them like a laser!

2012 Chateau D’Oupia, Minervois

Since the death of her father André in 2007, Marie-Pierre Iché has been running this large, old-vine estate, complete with 13th century castle. André was never a member of the village co-op, choosing instead to tend his own vines and make his own wine. However, he sold his wine in bulk to local negociants until a visiting Burgundian winemaker convinced him to sell them under his own name. He made quite an impression with his wines, which were deep and savory and full of ripe fruit character, but priced for everyday drinking. This producer continues to be a go-to for value and quality. This wine is a blend of Carignan, Grenache, Syrah from 50 year old vines.

2013 Château Coupe Roses, Minervois

Another Minervois red! Why not? Here are the winery notes, as translated by Google. Priceless.

The listening trickle spread from bottle neck; The purplish iridescent ion of the bastide, herald the wine times. It’s young, close to the fruit, it is the wine of instants. The accomplice companion of the culinary improvisations which plays with its tannins already absorbed parsleyed with wild plums aromas.

Its vivid insolence will take part to a modest light-meal and also to generous friendly meals. It’s the wine with which we recreate allegorical meals of the saved harvests.

Terroir : Mountain area in High-Minervois. South/South-West exposed plots. Between 200 and 350m of altitude. Rocky uplands – clay-limestone. 10 to 50 years vines. Maximum yield of 40hL/Ha.

Grapes : Carrignan, Grenache. And a little touch of Syrah!

Vinification : Manual harvest, destemmed, traditionnal maceration 20 to 30 days.

Tasting : Its colour is pale red, brilliant with light purple shades. The nose reminds the Carignan from which come this wine, fruity, it is also in mouth where fresh red fruits dominates, associated with a refreshing acidity. A perfect wine for all occasions, aperitives or meals.

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