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Genesee Retro Cooler Instagram Contest!

cooler contestThis swanky retro Genesee cooler (filled with Genesee!) could be yours! 

We’re having our second  Geneselfie contest on Instagram. Post a pic or video of yourself (or an artistic interpretation thereof) with some Genesee, tag it with #GeneselfiePVD & @campusfinewines, and the post with the most likes wins.

Pictures or videos posted between today and next Sunday, October 11th, are eligible. Voting for your favorites goes through Wednesday, October 14th, with the winner announced on Thursday, the 15th. 21+ only!


Note: this is not an electric cooler, it is legitimately old-school.

Saturday Beer Tasting in the Shop, 4PM-7PM

flower-childwbb logo 4_1After a year or so of being MIA, White Birch Brewing from Hooksett NH is back in Rhode Island, this time in six-pack cans. We’ll taste their Hop Session and Berliner Weisse as well as Flower Child IPA from Cambridge Brewing.


Herald the Wine Times! Tasting in the shop tonight, 5-8PM

jax_cola instagramWe’re in a snow stupor here on Brook Street. Motivation? What’s that? Someone pass the remote! There’s a whole lotta snow out there, but damn, we love the city in a blizzard. Even the winter whiners have a hard time not getting into the spirit. Monday’s party atmosphere in anticipation of Snowmageddon2015 was the most fun we’ve had in a long time; thank you to everyone who came in to stock up–we truly had a blast! And though we didn’t post about it, we were in fact open on Tuesday; Vin and Mulligan braved the elements like proper arctic explorers, shoveled off our roof, and held down the fort for most of the day. That’s when one of our customers snapped this picture outside the shop, which perfectly captures the joie de vivre of this little neighborhood. When’s the next storm? We can’t wait!


Super Bowl Recipe: Mulligan’s Yueng-Wings!mulligan yuengwings

Some of you already know Chef Mulligan from the events we’ve done with the Cable Car–or maybe you know him as the guy who quietly makes amazing food around town. Or perhaps as that record shop dude (as he says of himself: “I have all the jobs”). No matter how you know him, right now Mulligan’s doing his thing at Campus, and he’s made up this recipe for your Super Bowl party:

Kick your party through the uprights with some beer-braised chicken wings!*

Step 1- apprehend some good quality chicken wings, and a top quality 4 pack of Yuengling tall boys.

Step 2- salt the wings, add small-diced onions, and other aromatics of your choice- sear the wings in oil, over high heat in an oven proof pan.

Step 3- add beer around the edge of the pan, just up to the level of the wings- and why not some tamari, perhaps blackstrap molasses for extra sweetness

Step 4- drink the rest of the beer!! Braise the wings at 350 in the oven till soft! Drain any braising liquid and caramelize. Quickly place under low broiler to finish.


Chef’s note- try some Fox Point spicy pickles on the side, RI made & available at Campus Fine Wines..

(Fox Point Pickling company was just in Projo on Wednesday; check out the article and recipes here).

*Our favorite part of this recipe is that Brad had to “football it up” since Mulligan knows more about Lomo than end zones. It’s all good!

Friday Wine Tasting in the Shop, 5-8PM

Herald the Wine Times! 

2013 Domaine de la Pépiere Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine sur Lie

Marc Ollivier is one of the best producers of Muscadet that we’ve ever encountered. His Muscadet has lees contact until the time of bottling; extended contact gives it the crispness that makes Muscadet so refreshing & is the traditional way to make Muscadet, but has become the exception.

Ollivier hand harvests, uses natural yeasts & bottles with a very light filtration. The vineyards are 40+ years old & all from original stock; there isn’t a single clonal selection in the vineyards.

This wine is salty, tangy and lip-smackingly delicious! Try it as an aperitif, with salads & the obvious oysters, or as a foil for richly sauced foods. It’ll cut through them like a laser!

2012 Chateau D’Oupia, Minervois

Since the death of her father André in 2007, Marie-Pierre Iché has been running this large, old-vine estate, complete with 13th century castle. André was never a member of the village co-op, choosing instead to tend his own vines and make his own wine. However, he sold his wine in bulk to local negociants until a visiting Burgundian winemaker convinced him to sell them under his own name. He made quite an impression with his wines, which were deep and savory and full of ripe fruit character, but priced for everyday drinking. This producer continues to be a go-to for value and quality. This wine is a blend of Carignan, Grenache, Syrah from 50 year old vines.

2013 Château Coupe Roses, Minervois

Another Minervois red! Why not? Here are the winery notes, as translated by Google. Priceless.

The listening trickle spread from bottle neck; The purplish iridescent ion of the bastide, herald the wine times. It’s young, close to the fruit, it is the wine of instants. The accomplice companion of the culinary improvisations which plays with its tannins already absorbed parsleyed with wild plums aromas.

Its vivid insolence will take part to a modest light-meal and also to generous friendly meals. It’s the wine with which we recreate allegorical meals of the saved harvests.

Terroir : Mountain area in High-Minervois. South/South-West exposed plots. Between 200 and 350m of altitude. Rocky uplands – clay-limestone. 10 to 50 years vines. Maximum yield of 40hL/Ha.

Grapes : Carrignan, Grenache. And a little touch of Syrah!

Vinification : Manual harvest, destemmed, traditionnal maceration 20 to 30 days.

Tasting : Its colour is pale red, brilliant with light purple shades. The nose reminds the Carignan from which come this wine, fruity, it is also in mouth where fresh red fruits dominates, associated with a refreshing acidity. A perfect wine for all occasions, aperitives or meals.

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Saturday Beer Tasting in the Shop, 4-7PM

This Saturday we’re tasting the Route of all Evil, a black ale from Two Roads, Harpoon’s Winter Warmer, and 2x Presso, a double milk stout with coffee beans and lemon peel from Southern Tier. Ho ho ho!

Have a Taste of 21st Amendment Beer in the shop today, 4-7PM

bitter american21st Amendment hit stores across RI this past week, and it’s another welcome addition to the beer scene. The awesome packaging is the cherry on top. We’ll be introducing a few of the brews to you today. Stop in for a sip!

Here’s a bit of info on the brewery from their website:

In 2000, Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan founded the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco’s historic South Park neighborhood. The popular brewpub is now at the heart of the new city center, just south of the financial district and only two blocks from the San Francisco Giants baseball park. In addition to eight rotating taps of multiple award-winning hand-crafted house beers, the pub has been voted “Best Brewpub”, “Best Burger” and “Best Happy Hour” by the San Francisco press.

Freccia and O’Sullivan met in early 1995 in San Francisco. Both had just moved from southern California to the Bay area when they heard the calling of beer. O’Sullivan, a former photographer and paralegal, “traded his suits for boots and was saved by beer”. He moved to Berkeley and took a job as assistant brewer at the Triple Rock Brewery there. Freccia, a writer, actor and, by extension, restaurant professional, was also an avid homebrewer. Frustrated with the lack of beer culture in the L.A. area, he moved to San Francisco and began writing for the Celebrator Beer News, the west’s largest beer publication. Freccia and O’Sullivan met, became friends and, while sitting together in a summer class on brewing science at UC Davis, hatched their plan for what would become the 21st Amendment.

Specials & Deals, The Proper Binge, Burns Night Scotch Tasting

specials 1 14With the exception of impending balmy temps, these are the wintry days when feeds are filled with dashboard degrees, and everyone shivers and shakes, stomping clumpy snow from weathered boots, and we all curse the ice that glazes sidewalks – making even the big, tough dogs need booties! But in the world of wine and spirits, this is the BEST kind of weather. This is the ‘huddle inside making big pots of simmering goodness, surrounded by friends and good conversation’ kind of weather. This is EATING weather! And what is food without the right bottle to wash it all down? We may be in a bit of a post-holiday trance, but we’ve been working to keep things interesting around here – and we’ve thrown some more fun bargains into the mix!

We’ve updated our “Specials & Deals” desk with a bunch of new cellar finds: 2005 Chateauneuf-du-Pape at 50% off; Bordeaux, including 2005, for anywhere from 25% to well above half off; current vintage rosé and Italian whites and sparklers…you’ll just need to come in to see it all. Not everything fit on the desk, so you’ll have to look around a little.

We’re also working on some cool events: you know about The Proper Binge (see below for details) but we’ve just partnered with the International House of RI for their annual Robert Burns Night Supper (in case you don’t know, he’s the Scottish poet who wrote Auld Lang Syne). This year, in addition to their usual shenanigans, we’ll be providing a Scotch tasting (Howard was a Scotch buyer in DC for many years – the rest of us earned our cred solely by imbibing!) so you’ll be in for a real treat. See “EVENTS” column for ticket info.

Also, people are already asking if we’ll be doing another Raw Wine at the Steel Yard and Summer of Riesling; Yes and Yes. So those are two sunny things we can all look forward to together!

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