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Cheongsam Tea Liqueur Cocktail Tasting in the Shop

Friday, May 20th, 2016: 5pm – 8pm

Manda Shen of Cheongsam Tea Liqueur

Manda Shen of Cheongsam Tea Liqueur

Tonight we’re happy to welcome back to the shop Manda Shen and Tyson Davenport with their Cheongsam Tea Liqueur. This time they’ll be mixing up some cocktails, which makes sense, since bartenders across RI seem really excited about this new liqueur with local roots. Manda and Tyson run Cha-Bei tea and noodle house in Cranston (hours are very limited, so check before you venture out). Cheongsam is a labor of love for them. They sourced whole leaf tea in China and produced these delicate, lightly sweet, very versatile liqueurs over the course of a couple of years, making sure they got the recipe just right. They sure did! Come down and taste for yourself, 5pm – 8pm.