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New Jenny & François, Introducing Greenhook Ginsmiths, Tasting Spirits

snow bank st georgeThis week we’re all about that booze, ’bout that booze, ’bout that…ah never mind. BUT! We really do have some cool new spirits we’re showcasing in the shop today and Saturday. First up is Gabe Rodriguez from Origin Beverage, tonight, 5-7PM. He’ll have South Boston Irish Whiskey from Grand Ten Distillery and St. George California Reserve Apple Brandy. Personally, we can’t believe there’s a fancy-schmancy distillery on Dot Ave. in Southie. Some of us at Campus hail from those parts, and South Boston Irish Whiskey is most definitely NOT what you’d get in your glass at Triple O’s! My how times change… Be sure to stop by tonight for a smooth sip of gentrifica…er…progress! as well as the St. George Apple Brandy, which really is an “apple orchard in your glass”.

Barr-Hill-TrioSaturday, 4-7PM. No beer tasting this weekend, instead it’s “Honey for your Honey” (Because it’s Valentine’s Day!) with Jessyloo Rodrigues of Caledonia Spirits. Jessyloo will take you through this latest storm–unless winters’ wrath gets the best of us–with Barr Hill Gin and Vodka, made with & distilled from honey. And if you’re still looking for your honey, or you’re all fed up with honey, well…this is STILL damn good gin and vodka, so toast yourself and show St. Valentine the hand.


Lastly in Booze News! We’re happy to have some seriously delicious straight outta Brooklyn gin on our shelves: Greenhook Ginsmiths, the vacuum distilled spirits taking NY by storm. Vacuum distillation removes air pressure from the still, which allows for lower temperatures during distillation, which in turn protects the delicate, nuanced flavors of the gin. These are lovely, vibrant, and exceedingly aromatic. Allow the Beach Plum Gin Liqueur to take you away to warmer, sunnier times. You can almost feel the sand between your toes!

Processed with MoldivAnd finally, we may be nearly neck deep in snow, but it MUST be almost spring since new arrivals are starting to roll in. We got a little stash from Jenny & François this week and we’ll be opening some up for our Friday wine tasting. Choosing wines for the shop is an evolving & ongoing process for us; we don’t pick wines by profit-margin analysis, or just to fill holes on the shelf, or for their flashy labels (but check out these labels!). We’re looking for longterm relationships with quality producers and importers. Don’t get us wrong, flings are great fun! But a little loyalty goes a long way. And when we get to support small family producers and importers in the process, it’s a win-win! So you’ll be seeing more from Jenny and the like; some will be new producers, others will be new vintages of familiar names, but they will all be GOOD! At least we think so.

Speaking of loyalty, we cannot thank everyone enough for continuing to make the arctic adventure to our shop. Through snow, sleet, snow banks, treacherous sidewalks & narrow, slippery streets, you guys keep making it through our door. We are eternally grateful! In return, we’ll try to always keep you in good booze.

Next Thursday, February 19th, 5-7PM we’ve got Jen Ferreira, brand ambassador for Lucas Bols, bringing us some Dutch Courage, in the form of Bols Genever and Barrel Aged Genever.

New Beer!

This week we have the latest Stone Collaboration 22, Japanese Green Tea IPA brewed with Baird Brewing and Ishii Brewing. We also have their newest rotational release, a gluten-removed IPA called Delicious IPA (So modest!). Continuing with the hop theme, Angry Orchard added a new style to their line-up, a hopped apple cider called Hop’n Mad Apple. We also have a small amount of Midnight Brett from Allagash. And we got more Foolproof Shuckolate, so come and get it!

Cheers, see you soon, and enjoy Snowmageddon 4.0!

New Stone Brewing, Pichler ’08 Federspiel, Ode to Acme Video

brook st snow 1 14The Times They Are A-changin’

In this business, everyone is always chasing what’s new neW NEW!!! There’s rarely a moment to stop and ponder what IS. It’s a treadmill, the liquor biz, hopping from season to season, barely noticing when winter turns to spring – and then spring to summer. Like pretty much everything else in this modern age, it’s a blur, and our lives bend and blur with it. But then someone comes along and writes the best ever homage to our neighbor, Acme Video, and this person positively nails what it is to simply be in and of a place, and the entire reason for us being in this business, but more importantly: in this store, in this city. We’re linking to it here, because it is THAT good. It’s an ode to brick and mortar, an ode to the humble and illustrious masses, and seriously, an ode to humanity (Oh, the humanity!) that flourishes in the little places like Acme, the places that make a city a home…Rest in peace, Acme, Brook St. won’t be the same without you.



Good News for all You Riesling Nuts: We got ourselves a little stack of Rudi Pichler 2008 Federspiel! 

The Pichler family has been involved with viticulture in Wachau since the mid-1800s. They currently farm 11.5 hectares of vineyards, with grapes from an additional 3 hectares contracted to other vintners. Gruner Veltliner makes up 65% of their holdings, Riesling is 30%, and the remaining 5% is Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and other white varietals. All are vinified in the Wachau quality categories of Steinfeder, Federspiel and Smaragd.

The Wachau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a convention which “recognizes the way in which people interact with nature, and the fundamental need to preserve the balance between the two”. The wines of the Wachau are made naturally, and under specific guidelines. Read more here. Here’s a description of Federspiel from the same source:

“Federspiel is a classic dry wine that is distinguished by a strong, nuance-rich character with a must weight of at least 17° KMW and an alcohol content of between 11.5% and 12.5% by volume. The name Federspiel refers back to the times of falconry, when this favourite form of noble hunting was practiced in the Wachau”.

Whatever the rules and regulations, Rudi Pichler is simply a top producer of long-lived Rieslings. This 2008 is still singing, with a stony, mineral characteristic backed up by petrol and delicate fruit. It’s a treat, indeed. We’ll taste it tonight!


julia childSOLD OUT!! Feels good to write that! Unless you didn’t get a ticket. Sorry!

Join us Sunday, January 26th at 2PM, for The Proper Binge: An Afternoon With Julia Child. We’ll revisit old black & white (yet oh-so-colorful) episodes ofThe French Chef, paired with Boeuf Bourguignon, Cassoulet, and bonbons!

This is a collaboration betweenCampus Fine Wines, Cable Car Cinema, Chef C. Mulligan (man of culinary legend) and Garrison Confections. The wines featured will be from the portfolios of Wine Traditions and John David Headrick, both conscientious importers of small-production, independently-owned and – most importantly – very delicious French wines.

Tickets are $40 and are on sale at the Cable Car. Limited to 50 people.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” ― Julia Child

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