Covid-19 Update

WE WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY, MARCH 16th, (that’s today!) to clean, stock, assess, and forge a plan forward. We’ve been really busy over the past week, and for that we are grateful, but that’s also making us feel complicit in this nightmare, and that is not okay. So, in addition to the changes we made last week, when we re-open on Tuesday, we know we will be doing this:

SHORTENED HOURS: We will be open Monday through Saturday, 11am-7pm. We may adjust if necessary, but this seems logical at this moment.

• WE WILL BE CLOSED SUNDAYS. We’re not willing to lose anybody in or out of the shop for the sake of convenience and we need time to rest and re-charge. That’s just how it’s going to be until it isn’t.

WE WILL BE DELIVERY/CURBSIDE PICK-UP ONLY. We feel an immense responsibility to lessen the impending burden on our healthcare workers, and to protect ourselves, our staff, and our community. We feel that keeping our doors open is a threat to public health, so they will be closed.

For delivery or curbside pickup, call 401-621-9650 or email shop @ **YOU WILL STILL NEED YOUR ID**

-If you are able to venture out, we would appreciate the curbside pick-up option being utilized. Please understand that while we can deliver, it will not be on demand. Same day? Yes. Same hour? No. We will most likely work out a delivery schedule, just bear with us.

As stated in Friday’s newsletter:

ALL TASTINGS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We’re a small shop with a small staff and our tasting spot is tiny and gets very crowded. We cannot justify crowding people around that table and handling glassware or plastic-ware. The risk is not worth the reward. Ours or Yours.

WE ARE CREDIT/DEBIT ONLY. We have to protect our customers and staff and limit physical interactions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We don’t know what the future holds, and we appreciate your support, but we don’t want you risking your health to support us. Please be smart and safe.

• THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your understanding. Oh hey, remember tariffs? Hahahahahaha!!!!!