About Us

Campus Fine Wines: Cultivating Thirst with a wide selection of small production, organic & naturally made wines & thoughtfully chosen beers & spirits. We deliver.

Our website was hacked in August 2018, so we’ve lost content going back to 2012, but here’s the lowdown on who we are~

A little bit of history, and a little bit of love for Lo-Fi wines:

Campus Fine Wines had been around for nearly 40 years before being purchased by Andrea Sloan, Vincent Scorziello, Howard Mahady and Natalie Butler.

Howard and Andrea were both wine sales reps and friendly competitors with similar philosophies on wine. They spent a lot of time trying to sell (and get people to consider) low-intervention, small-production wines. Little did they know that they’d end up owning a shop together, and would be able to line their shelves with EXACTLY the wines that they care about.

Everyone at Campus cares about these lo-fi wines beyond the hype: When retailers choose these wines, and then when the customer chooses these wines, they’re both supporting the small producer and his or her family, and each is doing a part (however small) to support winemaking traditions that could be lost in a world of industrialized production and mass-consumption. Some of these wines are extremely limited, and their place in the market can be fragile. If they’re not valued by the distributor or the merchant, if they’re treated just as a commodity–or worse–as an accessory, that only harms the small importer who went off the beaten path to bring this wine to us. And then it hurts the producer, who often toils for pennies. So it’s really important that these wines are understood and thoughtfully represented. The portfolios Campus supports are ones that embody this movement toward real wine, made by real people, without pretense, and with regard for the environment. Also, the wines are DELICIOUS.